Fischer Cross Country Skis – Review

Fischer cross country skis are a popular ski manufacturer of skate and traditional cross country skis, boots and poles.  Their entire line of Fischer cross country skis can get you out skiing in no time.  This article will discuss a bit about the various Fischer cross country ski products that are available this year.

Fischer Cross Country Skis – Skating:  Include the top of the line Fischer Carbonlite Skate Hole.  This skate ski is the lightest on the market, weighing just 980 grams. One model, the Plus model should be used with snow temperatures above 28 degrees F (-2 degrees C) and on older snow and more humid snow conditions. The hole at the tip is designed to reduce tip weight by about 5 grams resulting in less energy is required for each stride. Overall performance will be a smoother flow, higher return cadence and overall less effort.  The Fischer CSR Skating is a moderately priced skate ski made for performance skiers and racers. Like the Fischer Carbonlite skate ski, the CRS Skating Vasa has the racing style cut and fast base with the power edge technology to ensure a longer life of the ski. The interior of the ski is Core Basalight which keeps the ski weight to a minimum and is designed for use a multitude of snow conditions and temperatures. The Fischer skate skis are pre-waxed at the factory.

Fischer Cross Country Skis – Classic: The Fischer RCR Crown Vasa Classic Ski is a waxless ski that can be used under tough waxing conditions. Weighing just 1180 gram/pair this classic waxless ski can be used by the performance oriented skier or by recreational cross country skiers since it is lightweight and versitile.  Some who prefer not to use kickwax used this cross country ski for the normal workout.

Fischer Cross Country Skis – Touring: Two excellent touring skis come to mind the Fischer Jupiter Control and the Fischer Superlight Crown. The Fischer Jupiter Control is an entry-level touring ski that has a waxless base in the kick zone. The Jupiter Control ski is designed for stability and has a wide side cut dimensions.  This ski also has a Premium Crown base that is great for kicking and gliding under most snow conditions.  The Fischer Superlight Crown  is a higher end, sportier model than the Jupiter Control. This ski has better handling compared to an entry level touring ski  due to the shorter length, and side cut dimensions designed for stability and quickness.  The based is faster and the ski is lighter than the basic model. The waxless base technology makes waxing simple by requiring only an occasional application of liquid wax on the ski.

Fischer Cross Country Skis – Backcountry: The Fischer Silent Spider 62 and the Fischer Outback 68 are both lightweight metal edge backcountry skis designed for lightweight BC skiing. The Silent Spider 62 has a full metal edge, a stable and wide platform and a waxless base giving this ski superior handling over a traditional touring ski. This ski can be used in moderately deep snow or in groomed conditions if looking for a more stable platform. The wider base and BC-specific sidecut allows for ease of handling.  The Fischer Outback 68 is a wider and beefier BC ski than the Fischer Silent Spider 62. Its’ full metal edge and side cut dimensions make this ski one that you can turn with confidence and will float for backcountry trail breaking.  The waxless base will provide grip on those steep uphills without having to skin up.

Fischer makes other cross country skis as well as cross country ski boots and poles. Check out these buyer’s guides for reviews and comparisons of products: Buyer’s Guide to Cross Country Skis.

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